Monday, July 24, 2006

Cherry bag BF

Here's my Cherry bag before felting:

Kirsikott / Cherry bag

The measurements are 27 x 25 cm, the handle is 116 x 4 cm.

I sort of gave up after the deadline mix-up, so since then I have concentrated on moving and other projects instead and let the felting wait until my vacation starts and I can to my parents' and splash with water and soap in the garden. Yep, I'm going to handfelt it as I don't really trust the washing machine :) This is actually my first felting project (after the swatch:P) so I want SO much to have it right!!! I have considered to put small pearls inside the "cherries" in an attempt to do something like shibori felting.

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Annarella said...

The colour is ever so nice, will look ace when felted! :)