Monday, July 24, 2006

Other projects

A couple of words about the other projects mentioned in the previous post:

- knitting a Picovoli to wear at Ave & Rudolf's wedding. I even joined the Tivoli/Picovoli knit-along!
- sewing a skirt to match the Picovoli, actually I've only had time to buy the fabric but I'll do the sewing at my parents' (in open air!)
- filet crocheting a doily for my mother from Burda Special No E496, pattern 12, if anyone's interested
- getting and testing ideas for two wedding cards (need to buy some more material)

Cherry bag BF

Here's my Cherry bag before felting:

Kirsikott / Cherry bag

The measurements are 27 x 25 cm, the handle is 116 x 4 cm.

I sort of gave up after the deadline mix-up, so since then I have concentrated on moving and other projects instead and let the felting wait until my vacation starts and I can to my parents' and splash with water and soap in the garden. Yep, I'm going to handfelt it as I don't really trust the washing machine :) This is actually my first felting project (after the swatch:P) so I want SO much to have it right!!! I have considered to put small pearls inside the "cherries" in an attempt to do something like shibori felting.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I can't believe I did it....

Somehow, I got the misconception that the deadline was July 14 and I was happy that I'd be able to finish my Knitting World Cup-bag by then, considering that I also had to move out of my old flat by that time.

By the way, I had a quaint memory of the other World Cup final taking place on the 9th (I don't have a TV myself and I wouldn't probably have watched the games even if I had one) but I was so overwhelmed by the preparations for moving out and in that I didn't even see the connection between the two World Cups!!!!!!!!!

I'm devastated :'(

As for the bag, it is finished and has yet to be felted, I had planned to do it tonight as soon as I got home from work.