Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ongoing projects

- pinwheel sweater for myself from 100% wool yarn + slub yarn manufactured by Evilla Yarns
- crocheted Christmas cards embellishments, got some ideas from here
- felted soaps as Christmas presents (I made some tonight and my hands smell gorgeous!!)- a knitted hat and mittens from Katia Alpaca Andes - a Christmas present for my sister, haven't actually started yet because she refused to give her measurements before we meet on Christmas Eve... Ok then... I wonder whether this yarn felts?

Pictures to come....

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Update on Picovoli

It's been a long time since I last scribbled something here. It doesn't mean though that I've been sitting and doing nothing as concerns knitting etc. On the contrary, I have some pretty things to show off but as I have no camera, I had no "evidence material" to put here. Last night my sister was here and took photos of my stuff. Until she gets them out of her camera and into my computer, I can show a picture of my Picovoli and one of the skirts I sew to match it. The pattern for the skirt comes from Burda 7/2006 - here's a picture and the pattern from the magazine.

Picovoli and pink skirt

The picture's taken in August at Ave & Rudolf's wedding party which took place in Maardu manor near Tallinn. Click the picture for a closer look!